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Have you been injured at work and are in need of a Georgetown, Illinois, workers’ compensation attorney? Located in Vermilion County, Georgetown is a relatively small city home to around 4,000 residents. It is also part of the larger Danville Metropolitan Area. Founded in 1826, the city is one with an emphasis on history and culture, and it attracts visitors interested in the same. And, as with all cities, it is not uncommon for the residents to find themselves in need of some well-placed legal aid. That’s where our experienced and established law practice comes in!

The skilled attorneys at Devens & McFetridge, LTD, are intimately familiar with a wide variety of legal practice fields. Our practice, and all of the professionals within it, are waiting by to help take a look at your workers’ compensation or personal injury case in order to help you determine the best way to go about resolving your claim. And because our attorneys have over 30 years’ worth of experience, you can rest easy with the knowledge that we have the kind of practical familiarity necessary to help your claim resolve efficiently and successfully. Finally, our attorneys are devoted to their clients and have no problem working hard to ensure that their rights are upheld while also working to secure the best compensation amount possible.

If you end up in situation where you need of the advice of a Georgetown workers’ compensation attorney, do not wait to reach out to us for advice and help! The faster you contact us, the aster we can begin working on an efficient legal strategy for your specific case.

What is workers’ compensation?

While many of us go to work without a second thought, sometimes accidents in the workplace happen. This is true even of the “safer” jobs like office work. There are always risks, even if they seem nonexistent at first. If you should be disabled or injured while at your place of work, it is entirely possible that you might be entitled to some kind of monetary compensation. The workers’ compensation program was created mostly to help with this process and make sure that employees injured on the job receive compensation for their time and wounds. With that said, the process isn’t always an easy one nor is it one that is flawless. And when it comes right down to it, sometimes employers just care more about their money than they do the safety of their workers. While this is unfortunate, it does not mean that you can’t recover the money to which you are entitled.

It should be noted that some injuries are so intense that they have the potential to change your life in a major way, and some of them are actually permanent in nature. Depending upon their number and severity, it is easily possible that they could considerably impact the quality of your life forever. When this happens, you will find that there are a few different things to take into account when it comes to your workers’ compensation claim. The first, of course, is the amount of money you will find yourself paying for medical care. Even if you have decent insurance, medical care is not cheap! This is especially true if you find yourself needing to visit the hospital multiple times and receive extensive treatment.

The next thing to consider is the loss of wages, both current and future, that you are experiencing as a result of the injury you’ve sustained. If you can no longer work, you might be without an income and therefore have no way to pay your bills. And if the injuries were severe enough, they might permanently lower your earning potential. This is another aspect that can impact your workers’ compensation claim. An attorney can look at your case, your medical diagnoses, and your earning potential and help use that information to ensure you receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

Have you been injured at work in Georgetown, Illinois? If so, let the Georgetown workers’ compensation lawyers at Devens & McFetridge, LTD, to aid you with your case! Our skilled legal professionals have hands-on experience in representing our clients throughout all of the various levels of their workers’ compensation cases. Chuck Devens himself has even published a book that is focused entirely on workers’ compensation! You can, hopefully will, rest easy when it comes to leaving your case in our capable hands, in other words.

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